Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Throw a Bowl

Get a piece of clay the size of your two fists. Wedge your clay to get the air bubbles out(Step 1).
Shape your clay into a cone shape. Doing this will help with centering your clay(Step 2).

Use the rings on the potter’s wheel to help you find the middle of the wheel. Throw your clay down lightly in the middle of the rings on the potter’s wheel(Step 3).
Use your finger to secure your clay on the potter’s wheel(Step 4).

To center your clay ,you will need to lean over your clay mound. Steady either arm on your thigh, or have your elbow close to your rib cage. This will help center your clay. Have two hands on the mound of clay when centering the clay. Start by pushing into the clay mound and moving the clay upward into a skinnier mound(Step 5). Every few moments apply water to keep fingers from dragging on the clay.
Apply pressure with one hand on the side and the other hand on top of the mound downward(Step 6).If clay is still not centered, cup your hands around and apply pressure with the palm of your hand. Also try holding your rib tool against the side of the mound of clay to help center your clay(Step 7).

To open your clay mound, start from the outward part of the mound and move your fingers toward the middle to find the center. Keep your elbows close to your side(Step 8). Apply water after each step to help shape the mound of clay.
Apply pressure at an angle towards the floor of the pot. Do not drill directly down(Step 9).

Measure the floor of the pot with your pin tool. Make sure there is about half an inch of clay at the floor(Step 10).

Spread the floor by pulling the clay towards you moving your hand upward. Hold one hand on the outside of the pot for support. It will have a nice continuous curve from the floor to the walls(Step 11).

Make sure to get the height before the width of the bowl. Put one hand in the inside with a moist sponge, one on the outside. Line your hands up. Apply pressure with your outside hand. The inside hand is guiding the clay up(Step 12).

Repeat Step12.

Compress the lip after each pull(Step 13).

Once you have the height we are ready to lay out the shape of the bowl. Match your hands up again, gently guide the clay outward between your fingers(Step 14).

Repeat Step 14.

Use the rib tool to clean up any slip and help shape the curve of the bowl. Use two hands to steady the rib tool in the inside and outside of the bowl(Step 15).

Decorate your piece with the wooden stick. Hold the stick steady with both hands and add patterns to personalize piece(Step 16).

With wooden stick trim any excess clay off the bottom of the piece(Step 17).

Use the wire tool to cut pot off the wheel. Apply water to the wheel head to have pot slide easily off the wheel head(Step 18).

Finished Result of Thrown Bowl.