Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Can’t Play With This Toy: How to Make a Ceramic Sculpture

For my Spring Session at the Edna Vihel Center for the Arts, one of my favorite lessons I taught was having the students make a toy out of clay. The students needed to be true to the conventions used by the designer toy art world. The students became storytellers. By using different colors, expressions, and textures in their ceramic toy sculpture they revealed feelings, memories and moods through their art work putting their own personal spin on their sculpture.

Here are some of the Toy Sculptures in process. The students needed to have their toy stand and have an accessory that told a story about their toy.

Each student applied colored slips to their sculptures. The sculptures were fired to Cone 06 then Cone 5.

This student made a rock star. Notice the microphone.

This student made a tennis player.

This student made a snowman. I think he looks like he is dancing.

This student made an animal.
This student made super cat. Super cat has a cape that you can not see in this picture.
I'm very proud of my students.