Monday, March 30, 2009

Winter Session Classes

Youth Ceramic Classes
I just recently finished teaching my eight week winter youth ceramic classes at the Viehl Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona. I'm very proud of my students and their accomplishments this semester. Here is some of their work.

The assignment for this piece, was to make a teapot that had personal meaning to the student. The head is the lid and one of the arms is the spout. I think the end result turned out fantastic!
For this assignment, the students used the coil method to make a face jug. We talked about Appalachian Face Jugs and how they used pottery jugs to store food because plastic containers hadn't been invented yet. This student payed close attention to the detail of the face and captured a great expression.

The assignment for this piece, was to make your favorite food. We used color slips to add color to our food. This student made sushi rolls, chopsticks and rice to create her favorite food. She used pinch, coil and slab methods to create her assignment.

For this assignment, the students were at the pottery wheels exploring pouring vessel forms. They were to create a form that included a spout and a handle. The vessels poured well after coming out the glaze firing.
Most of my students enjoy making miniatures. Here are some of my favorite!